Armenian Graves in Dhaka

The Armenian graves situated in the churchyard of the Armenian Church of Holy Resurrection contains several hundred graves, a number of which are written in Armenian.

I have published a book containing photographs and full transcriptions of these tombstones in the hope that what remains now can at least be preserved for future generations in in libraries around the world.

NOTE: As at September 2018 this book is temporarily unavailable.

Dacca Graves Book Cover

Dacca Graves Book Cover


Below are some Armenian Churchyard inscriptions for Dacca between 1762 and 1823 extracted from Bengal Past and Present [some of these are no longer present in the churchyard because of weather erosion]

Year of death Tomb or monument to the memory of Inscription
1762 Gulta Michael GULTA, daughter of Parsadan of Erivan ward of Julfa town, wife of Michael.  Died 1762
1763 Ripsima Minas RIPSIMA, daughter of Oham Khoja Minas.  died 1763
1764 Sophy Catchick SOPHY, wife of Mr. Catchick, son of Aga Emniaz, son of Khoja Minas of Julfa. Died 1764.
1765 Dishkoon Minas DISHKOON, daughter of Owen, son of Khoja Aga Emniaz Minas. Died 1765
1766 Khath Owen KHATH, wife of Owen, son of Emniaz. Died 1766
1767 Mathos Martyrose MATHOS, son of Martyrose. Died in 1767.
1771 Joanna Agazar JOANNA, daughter of Ephraim, wife of Peter, the son of Agazar Died 1771.
1773 Gasper Aratoon Revd. GASPER, son of Aratoon. Died 1773.
1780 Athanas Vertannes ATHANAS, son of Vertannes. Died 1780.
1784 Thakuhi Martyrose THAKUHI, wife of Martyrose. Died 1784.
1785 Marcar Pogose MARCAR, son of Pogose. Died 1785.
1789 Joakin Pogose JOAKIN, son of Pogose. Died 1789.
1789 Hosana Johannes HOSANA, daughter of Catchilth Johannes. Died 1789,
1798 Anne Pogose ANN, wife of Marker Pogose. Died 1798.
1798 Mary Foscolo MARY, daughter of Jacob Martyrose, wife of Antani Foscolo. Died 1798.
1798 Galstaun Phanas Bagram GALSTAUN PHANAS BAGRAM. Died 1798.
1800 Thakuhi Aveitmal THAKUHI, daughter of Siman Eleazar, wife of Abrahim Aveitmal. Died 1800.
1801 Ripsima Catchatoon RIPSIMA, daughter of Michael Sarkies, wife of Johan Catchatoon. Died 1801.
1801 Hairapet Marcar HAIRAPET, son of Marcar. Died 1801.
1805 Malchus Peter MALCHUS, son of Peter. Died 1805.
25 Dec 1805 Seth Agacy Sacred to the memory of SETH AGACY, Esq., who died 25th December 1805, aged 75 years.
1807 Arakiel Stephen ARAKIEL, son of Stephen. died 1807.
1808 Marcar Pogose MARCAR, son of Pogose. Died 1808.
1808 Stephen Gardash STEPHEN, son of Gardash of Julfa. died 1808.
13 Aug 1815 Catharina Seth Agacy Within this tomb is interred the body of MRS. CATHARINA SETH AGACY, who died on Saturday, 13th August 1815, aged 64 years.
26 Mar 1819 Paul Nicholas Pogose Sacred to the memory of Mr. PAUL NICHOLAS POGOSE, who died on 26th March 1819, aged 13 years 7 months and 3 days.
1822 Minas Aratoon MINAS ARATOON. Died 1822.
7 Sep 1822 Elizabeth G. Pogose Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH GREGORY, wife of G.N. Pogose, Esq., who departed this life on 7th September 1822, aged 16 years.
20 Apl 1823 Aratoon Michael Sarkies Sacred to the memory of ARATOON MICHAEL, of the race Sarkies of Julfa.  Died 1823, 20th April.

Some Armenian Churchyard inscriptions for the Armenian Churchyard Tejgaon between 1706 and 1820 extracted from Bengal Past and Present

Year of death Tomb or monument to the memory of Inscription
25 June 1706 Rose Mony Under this stone are deposited the mortal remains of Miss ROSE MONY, who departed this life at Dacca on the 25th day of June 1706.  Aged 30 years.
7 June 1714 Khojah Aviates This grave is of KHOJAH AVIATES, who died at Dacca 7th June 1714.
20 Nov 1725 Simon Soares In memory of SIMON SOARES, inhabitant of Tejgaon, who died 20th November 1725.
1736 Marcar Balthazar In memory of MARCAR, the son of Balthazar of Julfa.  Died 1736.
June 1739 C.H. Minnas Anne Michael In memory of C.H. MINNAS ANNE, wife of Michael.  Died June 1739.
1739 Michael Minas In memory of MICHAEL, the son of Gregory Khojah Minas.  Died 1739.
1742 Arakiel Catchick In memory of ARAKIEL, the son of Catchick, died 1742.
1746 Khojah Thuman Bagd. In memory of KHOJAH THUMAN, merchant, the son of Bagd of Agulis. Died 1746.
21 Sept 1748 John Teake JOHN TEAKE who died on the 11st September 1748.  Aged 7 years.
11 Nov 1748 Mariano Lucas Teakes In memory of MARIANO LUCAS TEAKES. Aged 27 years.  died 11th November 1748.
25 Sept 1772 Mariana Dormieux Here is buried MARIANA, daughter of John and Christina Dormieux, who died on the 25th September 1772.  Aged 2 years, 2 months and 10 days.
12 Sep 1776 Christina Roze Dormieux Here lies CHRISTINA ROZE DORMIEUX.  Aged 9 years, 2 months and 2 days.  died 12th september 1776.
18 Nov 1777 Christinæ Dormieux In memory of CHRISTINÆ DORMIEUX, who died 18th November 1777.
22 Apl 1778 Anne D’Jaquena In memory of ANNE D’JAQUENA, who departed this life on the 22nd day of April 1778.  aged 21 years.
4 Sep 1778 Constancia Leal To the memory of CONSTANCIA, infant daughter of Phillip and Anne Leal, who departed this life on the 4th September MDCCLXXVIII. Aged 3 years, 8 months and 22 days.
1781 Michael Baliekentch In memory of MICHAEL, the son of Gabrial Baliekentch.  died 1781.
1793 Peter Mathew In memory of PETER MATHEW of Hamadan.  Died 1793.
25 Dec 1806 Ritta Rebello Here lies the body of RITTA REBELLO, who departed this life on Thursday, the 25th of December 1806.  Aged 35 years.
26 June 1808 Elizabeth C. Brown In memory of ELIZABETH CATHERINA BROWN.  Aged 42 years, daughter of Thomas Brown. Died on the 26th June 1808.
13 Mar 1810 Anne Maria Doucett Sacred to the memory of ANNE MARIA DOUCETT, who died on the 13th day of March 1810.  aged 20 years, 5 months and 17 days.
14 Jan 1820 Thomas Doucett Sacred to the memory of Mr. THOMAS DOUCETT, who departed this life on the 14th day of January 1820.  Aged 77 years, 5 months and 16 days.