Several Armenians owned breweries and others were general merchants.  When the Moghul governor threatened to annihilate the Christians in Lahore, the Armenians were in such fear that 20 merchants with their families fled from the city.  Considering the number of merchants who fled, and the presence of an Armenian Bishop in Lahore in 1711, the community must have been a fairly large one.  So there must have been a chapel or a church where the Armenians worshipped.


There are now no traces of Churches or graves in Lahore where the Armenians lived and died during the 17th and 18th centuries.  Records show that a few Armenians were still left in Lahore, as an Armenian Archbishop Sahak Ayvadian who was a primate of Indo-Iranian Diocese in Calcutta visited them in May 1907.  But there is no further record as to what became of them.