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Other Reference Books in my Collection

History of the Armenians in India▲ by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1895. Reprinted 2004 by Gorgias Press My Own Darling
Letters from Montie to Kitty Carlisle

Christopher Carlisle
Armenians in India from the Earliest Times to the Present Day.  A Work of Original Research▲ by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1937. Reprinted 1992 by Asian Educational Services.
Free digital download available from
An Assemblage of Indian Army Soldiers & Uniforms from the original paintings by the late Chater Paul Chater
by Michael Glover
The Republic of Armenia.
A history of the Armenian Republic from its inception and birth in 1918.
by Mesrovb J. Seth.Out of Print This is Hong Kong
The Story of Government House
by Katherine Mattock
Armenians at Agra and Gwalior. *▲
From the days of Akbar in the middle of the 16th century to the Indian Mutiny of 1857, with two full page illustrations.
by Mesrovb J. Seth. Out of Print Hong Kong Practice
Drs. Anderson & Partners – the first hundred years
by Katherine Mattock
Agah Catchick Arrakiel *▲
A loyal and an eminent Armenian merchant of Calcutta in the second-half of the 18th century, with one full page illustration.
By Mesrovb J. Seth. Out of Print Partners in Law by Katherine Mattock
Khojah Petrus *
An Armenian merchant-diplomat, the “Armenian Petrus” of Clive.
By Mesrovb J. Seth. Out of Print Voices from the Past
Hong Kong 1842-1918
by Solomon Bard
Hindoos in Armenia *
150 years before Christ.  An unknown chapter in the history of Ancient India.
By Mesrovb J. Seth. Out of Print The Royal Navy in Hong Kong since 1841 by Kathleen Harland
Gritch Voskegritch Matenagrin
(The pen of the author with a golden pen) being a biographical sketch of the immortal poet, Mesrovb David Thalidian, written in classical (grabar) Armenian, with a photographic illustration of the poet’s pen and the facsimile of his autograph signature.
Written by Mesrovb J. Seth.

Printed and published by the Mekhitharists of Venice, with a Foreword by the Rev. Father Vardon Hatzuni, the author of the History of Ancient Armenian Costume. Out of Print.

Hong Kong Going and Gone The Royal Asiatic Society, Hong Kong Branch
Madras, The Birthplace of Armenian Journalism▲
A history of the first Armenian Journal, the Azdarar, published monthly at Madras by the Rev. Arathoon Shumavon, in 1794, with four full page illustrations.
By Mesrovb J. Seth. Out of Print Historic Photographs of Shanghai, Hong Kong & Macao▲ by Dennis George Crow
A Manuscript Koran in Classical Armenian
From the Journal and Proceedings, Asiatic Society of Bengal (New Series) Vo. XIX, 1923, No.7
by Mesrovb J. Seth. Out of Print Hong Kong Cavalcade by John Luff
Is Classical Armenian Dead? by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1923. Out of Print The Race Goes On…
A Millennium Retrospect of Racing in Hong Kong

by The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Armenians Settlements in India▲ by Anne Basil. 1969. Out of Print Family Business
A History of Grosvenor Chater 1690-1977

by Michael Chater
Iranian Armenians in India▲ By Anne Basil.  Extract from the Iran Society Silver Jubilee Souvenir. Out of Print Baxter’s Guide
Biographical Sources in the India Office Records

by Ian Baxter
Eighteenth Century Armenian Graves▲ by Mesrovb J. Seth. Out of Print The Golden Oriole
Childhood, family and friends in India

by Raleigh Trevelyan
The Society of Mekhithar by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1924. Out of Print. Whampoa
Ships on the Shore
by Austin Coates
Armenians and the East India Company * by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1926. Out of Print.  Hong Kong 100 Years Ago by Hong Kong Museum of History
Gorgin Khan * by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1928. Out of Print. The Indian Mutiny 1857
by Saul David
The Oldest Christian Grave in Calcutta * by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1932. Out of Print. Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society.
Volume 16, 1976

Volume 18 1978

Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong
Armenians at Chandernagore * by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1931. Out of Print. Sir Catchick Paul Chater
A Brief Personal Biography

A Prominent Armenian from Calcutta and the Grand Old Man of Hong Kong

by Liz Chater
The Second Oldest Christian Church in Bengal * by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1936. Out of Print. Chater
Who Was This Man?

By Liz Chater (unpublished private manuscript)
Armenians as Political Stepping-Stones (Khojah Israel Sarhad).*
by Mesrovb J. Seth. 1936. Out of Print. Bizen-Ware▲ by James Orange
The Zamzamah: An Eighteenth Century Gunn Mesrovb. J. Seth Minorities of Isfahan: The Armenian Community of Isfaham 1587-1722. By Vartan Gregorian
A Short Record of Armenian Churches in India and the Far East.▲ by Rev. Aramais Mirzaian. The Central Press, Calcutta, 1958. Out of Print The Chater Collection
Pictures Relating to China, Hongkong, Macao, 1655-1860▲
by James Orange
The Wandering Armenians▲ by Rev. Aramais Mirzaian and Dr. Charles Price. Sydney 1980. Out of Print The Chater Legacy
A Selection of the Chater Collection▲
Hong Kong Museum of Art
Armenians: A Pilgrim People in “Tierra Australia”▲
by Father Aramais Mirzaian. Sydney 1975. Out of Print A Mountain of Light▲ by Austin Coates
Armenians in Australia and New Zealand ▲
by Father Aramais Mirzaian. Sydney 1966. Out of Print China Races by Austin Coates
The New Directory Book of Armenians in Australia By Father Aramais Mirzaian, Sydney, 1976 Out of Print The Life and Times of Sir Kai Ho Kai by G.H. Choa
Sydney Armenian Guide Book▲ Father Aramais Mirzaian 1970. out of print Research and Missionary Labours among the Jews, Mohammedans, and other Sects. During his travels between the years 1831 and 1834▲
(digital copy available via Google)
Rev. Joseph Wolff
Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy Prospectus▲
by Armenian College & Philanthropic Academy 1957. Out of Print The Taipans
Hong Kong’s Merchant Princes
by Colin N. Crisswell
The Calcutta Review January 1904 Chants and Hymns of the Church of Armenia▲
Undated. Out of Print A History of Hong Kong by Frank Welsh
The Life Story of A.M. Arathoon▲
by H.M. Nadjarian, 1958, Calcutta. Out of Print. In the Web by Peter Hall
Respected Citizens. The History of Armenians in Singapore and Malaysia.
by Nadia Wright. 2003. The Quest of Noel Croucher
Hong Kong’s Quiet Philanthropist▲
by Vaudine England
Armenian College Old Boys’ Union Souvenir. Golden Jubilee 1909-1959▲
by Armenian College Old Boys’ Union, 1965 Calcutta.  Out of Print La Martiniere, Calcutta
The Future is Today
La Martiniere School
Armenians in Southern India▲ by S.M. Gregory. The Asiatic Review. Undated. Out of Print Corridor Collage La Martinere for Girls, Kolkata
Census of the Armenian Population of the City of Calcutta▲
by Johannes Avdall. 1837. Calcutta. Out of Print. La Martiniere, Calcutta 1836-1986▲ La Martinere School
The Complete Monumental Register: Containing All the Epitaphs, Inscriptions in the Different Churches and Burial Grounds in and About Calcutta ▲ by M. Derozario. Digital download available from google. Counting House▲ by Denis Way & Robert Nield
Racing Reminiscences▲ by J.C. Galstaun. 1942. Out of Print.


City of Victoria
A Selection of the Museum’s Historical Photographs▲
Hong Kong Museum of History
The Life and Adventures of Joseph Emin, An Armenian, Written in English by Himself 1726-1809▲ By Joseph Emin. 1792. Printed in London. Out of Print. Re-printed 1918.  Free digital download available from
Old Hongkong Volume two 1901-1945▲ Trea Wiltshire
A Week at the Bandel Covent, Hugi▲
Bengal Past and Present Lugard in Hong Kong. Empires, Education and a Governor at Work 1907-1912 Bernard Mellor
Armenian Merchants of the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries: English East India Company Sources By Vahé Baladouni and Margaret Makepeace Twenthieth Century Impressions of Hong Kong and Shanghai, and Other Treaty Ports of China Arnold Wright
The Family Firm in the Commercial Organisation of the Julfa Armenians By Edmund M. Herzig Passing Shadows, Hong Kong Peter Moss
Venice and the Julfa Armenian Merchants By Edmund M. Herzig The Statues of Statue Square▲ by Liz Chater (unpublished)
A Brief Account of the Advent of the Armenians and their Settlements in Major Cities in India during the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, Their Churches and Schools, Their Professions and Their Business Affairs▲
By Isia Martin. 1975. Out of Print Hong Kong 1862-1919 Geoffrey Robley Sayer
The Romance of Jute, A Short History of the Calcutta Jute Mill Industry 1855-1909 By D.R. Wallace Revista de Cultura
Macao’s Cultural Minorities
Published by Instituto Cultural do Governo Da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau
Armenia: A Resumé with notes on Seth’s Armenians in India By Shahzad Z. Najmuddin Historical Pictures
Collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art

by Hong Kong Museum of Art
International Trade and the Armenian Merchants in the Seventeenth Century By Vahan Baibourtian The Decisive Battles of India
From 1746 to 1849 Inclusive

by Colonel G.B. Malleson
The Armenian Christians in India By E.R. Hamby. Calcutta Remembered.
Rickshaw Ragtime
Jug Suraiya
Madras in the Olden Time Being a History of the Presidency from the First Foundation of Fort St. George. J. Talboys Wheeler Gazetteer of Manipur by Captain E.W. Dun 1886.
History of the City of Madras Rao Shib C.S. Srinivasachari Letters from Afar by Mrs. Worcester Reed Warner
Calcutta Faces and Places in Pre Camera Days Wilmot Corfield, Calcutta Historical Society The British Survey
South East Asia
The British Society of International Understanding.
The Story of Madras Glyn Barlow Letters from a Merry Widow and Two Gentlemen 1906-1914 Christopher Carlisle
The Armenian Inscription of the Central Jail Compound, Agra▲ Rev. H. Hosten Armenians in India and Tibet H.E. Richardson
Some Notes on a letter sent from an Armenian Priest in Bengal to the All Savior’s Monastery at New Julfa in 1727 ▲ Sebouh Aslanian Considerations of India Affairs
(digital copy available via Google)
William Bolts
Trade Diaspora versus Colonial State: Armenian Merchants, the English East India Company, and the High Court of Admiralty in London 1748-1852 ▲ Sebouh Aslanian Diary of Travels and Adventures in Upper India▲
(digital copy available via Google)
C.J.C. Davidson
The Salt in a Merchant’s Letter. The Culture of Julfan Correspondence in the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean ▲ Sebouh Aslanian Armenian Churches in India
Past, Present and Looking to the Future▲
Researched by Liz Chater for the Armenian Church in Kolkata (unpublished)
Armenians in Victoria, Australia in the Nineteenth Century By Nadia Wright.  Offprint of Volume 28 of Haigazian Armenological Review. Hong Kong 1983.
A Review of 1982

Hong Kong Government Information Services
New Julfa. The Armenian Churches and other Buildings. by John Carswell Helena May
The Person, The Place and 90 years of History in Hong Kong▲
by Esther Morris with research by The Helena May History Group
Burials and Memorials of the British in Persia▲ By Denis Wright History of Armenia
from BC 2247 to the year of Christ 1780 or 1229 of the Armenian Era▲
(digital copy available via Google)
by Father Michael Carmich. Translated from the original by Johannes Avdall
Burials and Memorials in Persia: Further Notes and Photographs▲ By Sir Denis Wright List of Inscriptions on Christian Tombs and Tablets of historical interest in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh
(digital copy available via Google)
By. E.A.H. Blunt
Armenian Graves, Inscriptions and Memorials in India – DACCA By Liz Chater, additional transcriptions: Very Rev. Fr. Krikor Maksoudian Excellency. The Governors of Hong Kong By Russell Spurr
Burials and Memorials in Persia: Further Notes and Photographs – Corrections and Additions▲ By Sir Denis Wright Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography By May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn
Wharf. The First Hundred Years By Robin Hutcheon

Other Reference Books in my Collection

Along The Sports Road. The Hong Kong Football Club, Its Environs and Personalities 1886-2011 By Denis Way
Calcutta in the 17th Century by P. Thankappan Nair The Thistle and The Jade. A Celebration of 175 Years of Jardine Matheson By Maggie Keswick
Vanda Miss Joaquim. Singapore’s National Flower & the Legacy of Agnes & Ridley.▲
by Harold Johnson and Nadia Wright. Graves of Europeans in the Armenian Cemetery at Isfahan By Lieut.Colonel T.W. Haig, C.M.G.
An East India Company Cemetery. Protestant Burials in Macao
by Lindsay and May Ride, edited by Bernard Mellor. Some Persian Drawings in the Johnson Albums of the India Office By J.V.S. Wilkinson
Sir Matthew Nathan
British Colonial Governor and Civil Servant
By Anthony P. Haydon The Armenians and the East India Company in Persia in the Seventeenth and Early eighteenth Centuries. By R.W. Ferrier
Impressions of The East.
The Art of George Chinnery
By Hong Kong Museum of History and Hong Kong Museum of Art The Armenians of Southern India By John Shortt
Armenians of South East Asia By Margaret Sarkissian From the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean: The Global Trade Networks of Armenian Merchants from New Julfa. By Sebouh Aslanian