The Armenian Section of the Christian Cemetery at Asansol

Photographs of the Armenian Section of the cemetery at Asansol, India are courtesy of Nigel Galstaun (taken in 2013), and Tanya Avetoomyan (taken in 2012) to whom I offer my acknowledgement and thanks.

Just like the Armenian cemetery at Haiderabad which is also neglected and abandoned  what is apparent from the photographs taken on a recent visit to Asansol, is that the cemetery is unkempt and uncared for and unfortunately the Armenian Section appears to have been left to the ravages of nature.

Names of those known Armenians buried in this cemetery

Charles Paul Agabeg
 Edgar Clarence Agabeg
 Harriet Marian Agabeg
 Hector Bettson Agabeg
 Robert Vivian Agabeg
 Hovannes Mackertich Apcar
 Doris Ivy Blossom Arratoon
 Joseph Chater
Elizabeth Hyrapiet
 H.M. Hyrapiet
 Kitty Lucas nee Hyrapiet
 Hyrapiet Jacob
 Winifred Jordan
 Aratoon Catchick Mackertich
 Varthain Mackertich
 Henry John Vardon