Armenian Lost Rare Publications in India


Whatever happened to these?

Some rare Armenian publications for sale that were suitable for museums and libraries advertised by Mesrovb Seth in 1937 from his own private collection.
He was selling them for a  few Rupees.


Amount in Rupees

A beautifully illustrated BIBLE in classical Armenian, in the original binding, printed and published by Mekhithar at Venice, in 1733. 250
A complete copy of the AZDARAR, the FIRST Armenian journal in the world, edited, printed and published at Madras from 1794-1796, by Rev. Arathoon Shumavon.  There are three complete copies in existence. 1,000
A Latin-Armenian DICTIONARY (Dictionarium Novum Latino-Armenian) by Jacobo Villolle S.J. printed in Rome in 1714 100
Mosis Chorenansis HISTORIAE ARMENIACAE, translated into Latin from the original Armenian by the brothers William and George Whiston, and printed, with the Armenian text, at London in 1736 50
A complete copy of the AZGASARE, edited, printed and published by Mesrovb David Thaliadian, at Calcutta from 1845-1852. 500
HISTORY OF ARMENIA, in classical Armenian, by Father Michael Chamchian of the Mekhitharist Society, printed at Venice in three large volumes from 1784-1786. 150
The BIBLE in classical Armenian, without illustrations, printed by the Calcutta Auxiliary Bible Society at Serampore (Bengal) in 1817. 50
HORDORAK (Exhortations) printed at Madras by Jacob Shameer in 1772.  This is the FIRST Armenian publication in India. 50
VOROGYTHE PHARATZ (Code of Laws of Armenia) compiled by Jacob Shameer, and printed at Madras in 1773. 50
TRUTHS OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, in classical Armenian, by the monk Johanness of Julfa, printed at Calcutta by Rev. Joseph Stephen in 1797. 50

Where did they all end up?